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Concerts of CantareS

Concerts of CantareS

30 April 2003, Geneva, Switzerland
La Coral Iberamericana de Ginebra "CantareS" est un ensemble polyphonique mixte, ayant pour principal objectif de diffuser le vaste patrimoine musical iberoaméricain. More...
Anniversary of Earth Focus

Anniversary of Earth Focus

26 March 2003, Geneva, Switzerland
The Bellerive Foundation, in association with the International School of Geneva and the team who have worked on the magazine for young people, Earth Focus, was celebrating the tenth anniversary of the magazine in presence of Ms. More...
Maison Chance, Envol

Maison Chance, Envol

15 January - 15 March 2003, Ho Chi Minh Ville, Viet Nam
The Maison Chance Association works in favor of the disabled and orphans in an underprivileged district of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. More...

Conference "Social Challenge of Development"

26 - 28 February 2003, Geneva, Switzerland
The aim of this conference is to exchange ideas linked to "the social challenge of development", a theme that is also the subject of a RUIG research project. More...
World Summit on the Information Society PrepCom 2

World Summit on the Information Society PrepCom 2

17 - 28 February 2003, Geneva, Switzerland
On 21 December 2001, the UN General Assembly Resolution 56/183 endorsed the framework for the Summit adopted by the ITU Council. More...
Landmine Survivors Network Training

Landmine Survivors Network Training

01 - 08 February 2003, Geneva, Switzerland
For several years the personal stories presented by landmine survivors have had a significant impact in reminding experts, diplomats and decision-makers of the human faces behind issues being discussed. More...

Samedi du Partage

14 December 2002, Geneva, Switzerland
Each year, a collection of food items, baby care and hygienic products is organized at the entrance to supermarkets in Geneva, Switzerland. More...
Course de l'Escalade

Course de l'Escalade

07 December 2002, Geneva, Switzerland
Anyone looking for genuine Geneva folklore will not want to miss this event!. More...

Development through knowledge?

20 - 22 November 2002, Geneva, Switzerland
A current of thought has emerged in the past decade that awards priority to knowledge as a source of development. More...
Volunteer Management Workshop, 17th IAVE World Volunteer Conference

Volunteer Management Workshop, 17th IAVE World Volunteer Conference

14 November 2002, Seoul, Korea, Republic of
In a globalizing world, international volunteering has become increasingly popular in the last few years. More...
Sustainable Development in the Knowledge Era

Sustainable Development in the Knowledge Era

30 - 31 October 2002, Geneva, Switzerland
The first Project Convention on "Sustainable Development in the Knowledge Era" featured projects that focus on the sharing of knowledge on Sustainable Development and the turning of Agenda 21 into action. More...

25th Anniversary Hunger Project

26 October 2002, Geneva, Switzerland
On 26 October 2002, at the commemoration of its 25th anniversary, the Hunger Project (HP) hosted a global satellite event connecting people from 23 HP countries. More...

3rd World Summit on Internet and Multimedia (WSIM)

08 - 10 October 2002, Montreux, Switzerland
The digital divide expresses the social, economic and geographical inequalities witnessed across the world in the area of access and use of digital technologies and software applications. More...

March of Hope

06 October 2002, Geneva, Switzerland
Terre des Hommes Switzerland is an organization of cooperation and development that supports about 60 projects in favor of children in Africa, America and Asia. More...

21st International Congress of Universities of the Third Age

02 - 05 October 2002, Geneva, Switzerland
This biannual conference is an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas for all those dealing with the well being and continued training of older persons. More...

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